When it comes to homeowners insurance, the roof on your home comes into play in many ways. First off the age of your roof will make an impact on your homeowners insurance policy. A newer roof can result in a lower premium and if your roof is more than fifteen years old, some insurance companies won't even issue a new policy on your house. It is very important to use a licensed roofing contractor when you replace your roof. The insurance company will look for permit records to confirm that your roof was done properly by a licensed roofing company in Fort Myers.

You homeowners insurance will also come into play if you have storm damage. Most insurance policies will cover replacement or roof repairs in Fort Myers and surrounding areas if your roof was damaged by a storm. It is important to get a good homeowners insurance policy at a good price in Florida.

If you are considering applying for a new homeowners policy in Florida and your roof is more than 10 years old or the inspector states that you have less than five years of life left on your roof, call Resolute Roofing. We will provide a free estimate to repair or replace your roof to help reduce the premium of your homeowners insurance policy.

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